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about katherine

The arts have always been my passion, and I began my formal photographic education in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (where I was born), at a Kodak-sponsored certificate program at the Alliance Française, under the tutelage of the famed Honduran photographer Juan Pablo Martell, where I learned about the technical aspects of the camera, how to photograph with a classic aesthetic, and the ins-and-outs of printing in black-and-white in a darkroom. 


This eventually led me to study for an MFA in Photography at SCAD, in Savannah, Georgia, where I focused on portrait and studio photography. After graduate school, I taught for a stint at the Art Institute of Charleston, SC, and also at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. 

To pursue my dream of working in commercial portraiture, I moved to Washington, DC, where I found new and exciting opportunities in photography, an experience which culminated in the opportunity to photograph a sitting President in the Oval Office!

After this, an opportunity arose to move the Hawaii to continue evolving in my photography, so I moved to Honolulu, and then on to Maui, where for a year and change I worked for a wonderful company where we offered high-end portrait photography to island visitors, for family photos, weddings, family reunions, and other special occasions. I also taught private photography lessons, from beginners to advanced students.

From there, I moved to South Florida, to help manage a small, boutique import business, and have built their social media and online presence, as well as created product catalogues, amongst other things. Because education remains one of my passions, I also taught as a part-time instructor at the University of Miami.

Currently, I live in Hollywood, FL, and I have continued to grow my business to include a greater array of services, and I look forward to meeting new and amazing customers and teaching the next generation of photographers!


• B.A. in International Relations | Tufts University

• M.F.A. in Photography | Savannah College of Arts & Design

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