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Teaching & Classes

Left: having fun in design class at the University of Miami. Above: teaching advanced lighting techniques at the Art Institute in Charleston, SC.

Photography is unique in the visual arts in that it involves an exquisite combination of physics, geometry, color theory, classical art history, and design. It is a balance between technical knowledge and aesthetics. It is also highly teachable: to be successful, one does not necessarily require inate talent, but rather a dedication to the craft and an understanding of what makes an image "work." 

An all-inclusive photography course involves: an introduction to the structure and funcionality of a camera, how to work with the photographic trifecta of aperture, speed, and ISO, how to design and structure your photograph, the process for capturing an image correctly, and finally how to process the image (for example, digital processes and printing). Between these are a myriad of little steps that comprise the photographer's toolbox. The more one practices photographing, the more one learns from these little details.


My teaching methodology is simple: teach by showing, and provide real-world examples to work with. I teach photography from A to Z:


• Introduction to photography: camera fundamentals, basic composition and printing, film & digital

• Intermediate to advanced photography, including dark-room techniques

• Photographic color theory and classical composing techniques

• Digital photography and digital manipulation software (i.e. Photoshop and Lightroom)

• Lighting techniques (natural to advanced studio lighting)

• Photographic techniques for portrait, product, landscape, and studio photography

• Photographic practices for graphic design

• Image workflow practices and output processes

• The business of photography and small-business management


I have taught photography at the Art Institute of Charleston, Georgia Southern University, and graphic design at the University of Miami. I have also given many individual and group classes from Washington, D.C. to Hawaii. For those interested, I offer private classes to potential photographers who own their own equipment and would like to learn how to use it. I begin with an intensive 1-hour session that will change everything you've ever thought about "how to take a good photograph," and guarantee successful images right off the bat. My rates begin at $99 per hour for an introductory lesson, and times are flexible for days, evenings, or weekends. It makes a great gift! Let me know what you have in mind! Send me a message and let me know what you're thinking:

Thanks! Message sent.

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