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food photography

You know the old saying, "we eat with our eyes."


We have all experienced an instant craving upon seeing a beautiful and delicious-looking dish as we page through a magazine or scroll through Instagram; perhaps we are even guilty of collecting cookbooks full of recipes we will never attempt, but whose pages full of delightful treats are an absolute treasure to linger over and yearn for.

As a restaurant owner, chef, or food representative, you are in control of what you choose to show and what images you put out into the world. Professional food photography can help you build a specific brand, tell a particular story, and build your food identity. 

Whether for traditional print use (menus or promotional items), website displays/online sales and ordering, or for social media marketing (branding campaigns or promos on Instagram), we can photograph food in the studio or at your location.

Perhaps you are seeking to begin a marketing campaign for your food product, and need stand-alone images, or your restaurant requires a visual catalogue of your menu: comfortable options exist for a variety of different needs, beginning at $50.

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